Flocculants and Flocculation aids

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Very wide product range of water-soluble polymers, mostly based on Polyacrylamide.

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The huge palette of FILLFLOC products contains a very large number of water-soluble polymers; mostly based on anionic, cationic, amphotere and non-ionic polyacrylamide (PAM). Products based on Poly-DADMAC, polyamine, polyethylene oxide and polyvinylamin complete the FILLFLOC family. FILLFLOC is available in the following options:

  • granule
  • powder
  • beads
  • oil emulsion
  • water emulsions
  • aquaeous solutions


our PETROFLOC products are specially customised, mostly liquid formulas, based on: 

  • polyaluminium chloride (PAC)
  • polyacrylamide cationic/non ionic
  • iron-II chloride and iron-III chloride
  • ferrous sulphate
  • aluminium nitrate
  • sodium aluminate
  • polyvinylamine